Quang Ba flower market night


 chohoaquangbaThe flower market has a very long night, people who live here do not remember exactly when did only know that the former is temporary markets, trade and demand of people and the people gradually extended to night flower market. Quang Ba flower shopping night we again have very different feelings about a culture of life of people living in Hanoi. The only light was coming from the market incandescent bulbs and the lights shine down from on high, which causes the whole market area was enveloped in shimmering colors. Quang Ba flower market open all night but especially crowded around 3- 4 am. Buyers and sellers in the nuop nuop. The large and small public float glass, chrysanthemum, money … all kinds of color crowded flock to the market. Take the flower market after becoming the pleasure of many people especially the youth. There are many people awake at night to wander in the market is not necessarily to buy flowers that are simply black felt part of the nightlife where land Kinh this thousand-year-period.