Hang Ma


hangmaHang Ma’s Phu Yen land old village. Former French colonial name is Rue du Cuive. Clips eastern city on the old village of Vinh Hanh land still commonly called Hang Ma. People in this city have some family from the village of Tan Khai (Item Iron and merit) moved to open shops selling paper and small votive objects, such as furniture decorative paper (confetti, paper lamp type .. .) and map codes to worship (god brothel hat, his hat apples, yellow paper …) Soft small caps are made and sold here, while large votive objects used for funeral (celebrities sperm) or ritual vegetarian, cool wedding ceremony, or other code, the group of men doing in Ma May.

Today, the streets here are selling ornaments Hanoi busiest, attracting many visitors to play and purchase funeral, wedding and funeral, moon, noel.