Vietnamese Restaurant in Hanoi


Hanoi has many dining options. Vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi is one of the great delights in visiting the capital. Hanoi is home to Vietnam’s most famous dish — pho (rice noodles in chicken or beef broth). This and other northern specialties are best enjoyed at the bustling sidewalk food stalls lining many streets.

In Hanoi, prices range from the incredibly cheap to the just plain inexpensive. Even in some Vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi you’ll pay less than in other big cities around the world (except perhaps at the big international hotels

Vietnamese Cuisine

In Vietnam, food preparation has become an art. Some Vietnamese dishes are world famous. People can find countless restaurants throughout the country. Besides specialty dishes of Vietnam, visitors can also find in some hotels national foods from Western countries, China, Japan, Thailand, Russia, etc. Vietnamese cuisine features some surprisingly good dishes, some of which can be found nowhere else in the world. There are dishes which are prepared from sea foods such as lobsters, fish, crabs and squids which are relatively rare and expensive in some Western countries but abundant and cheap in Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine also comprises of other traditional foods such as beef noodle soups (pho), pork sausages (gio lua), spring rolls (nem ran), fish balls (cha ca), etc.


Some Famous Vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi

Vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi have the most beautiful and romantic setting in all of Hanoi. You can feel the adventure as you climb up the curved wooden staircase at the Emperor Restaurant that takes you into the elegant, high-ceiling Hue-temple-style dining room. You can also listen to the resident jazz band that plays here. Among the beautifully presented dishes are seafood and Hue specialties, including delectable Hue spring rolls and banana-leaf-wrapped fish. The other famous Vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi is the Nam Phuong which is an elegant French-style villa. This restaurant offers traditional Vietnamese food prepared by expert chefs. The magazine-length menu features common foods such as chicken, fish, and beef as well as more esoteric items like the crispy fried frog leg sticks and steamed snails. Choose from the comprehensive list of wines from around the world that beckons parched lips and discerning palates. You can tap your feat as a traditional band provides a sampling of Vietnam’s musical roots here.

Emperor Restaurant