Bat Trang


battrangBat Trang is the common name for various kinds of pottery produced in Bat Trang Village, Gia Lam, Hanoi. According to Sino-Vietnamese meaning, Bat is the monk’s food bowl, Gaya word meaning “big pitch” was a land reserved for professionals. The village is located along the Red River. Bat Trang ceramics produced from special clays. After kneading earth reaches the viscosity, the workers use turntables to create the product image, then frozen, dried to draw flowers, glaze and put into the kiln. The kiln temperature affects the color of the product. Bat Trang products very rich and diverse as bowls, plates, cups, water hyacinth, censer … The trick here is the material of enamel products with shiny, smooth and deep, decoration , draw patterns on the Bat Trang is also very unique.