An Duong Vuong Temple Festival


An D?�??ng V?�??ng Temple is located in Ca�� Loa village, A?A?ng Anh district, Hanoi. It is on the way to PhA?c YA?n and about 17 km from the center of Hanoi. Located on this land is Nga�� Tria�?u Di Quy communal house which is believed to be where the Tha�?c King held Court. Am BA� ChA?a is where people worshiped the lovely daughter of the Tha�?c King, Ma�� ChA?u princess. We can now see a headless statue there, which is a vestige of the country lost by Ma�� ChA?u. She was so honest and credulous that she was trapped in a scheme by the enemy.

On the 6th day of the first lunar month every year, people from 12 hamlets of Ca�� Loa commune organize a festival called An D?�??ng V?�??ng Temple Festival which lasts for 10 days. The festival begins with a procession called “vA?n cha��” and “r?�a��c kia��u thA�nh hoA�ng” (The Tutelary God’s Palanquin) of the 12 hamlets marching to the temple of the King. Leading the procession is a pha�?ng bA?t A?m (an ancient music band).

Following it are elder village notables, and the “kia��u long A�A�nh” (royal palanquin) being carried. Th?�a�?ng Temple is where the ceremony is performed with five-colour flags, a couple of pink horses and a couple of white horses on the two sides, the left and the right. In the center of the altar with an incense table is placed and loaded with the offerings, a glass box containing a pair of mandarin’s boots and the King’s weapons. However, the statue of the King and his “mA� bA�nh thiA?n” (King’s hat) are kept inside the altar.

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After that, people of the 12 hamlets march around the Tra�?ng Tha��y well and then go back to the Nga�� Tria�?u communal house where only the palanquin of Ca�� Loa is kept.

Continuing with the festival many traditional village games are held, such as A�A?nh A�u (swinging on high), A�A?o A�A�a (coin throwing), ta�� tA?m (a kind of card-game) and cA? b??i (swimming storks).

The festival lasts until the 16th of the lunar month and then the festival is completed by making an offering, a rite in honour of heaven and earth.

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