Traditional stage performance (Ca trA? – HA?t a?? A�A�o)


This type of song took shape in the 15th century and was performed at communal houses. From the beginning, it was appreciated by many Confucian scholars and madarins. I then became court music which acquired its noble character.

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Hat a dao is like singing a poems, that is why it is called saying-singing music . The singing technique is rather refined and meticulous. Without a good understanding the literacy value of the songs and of the harmony between the singer and the accompanying instruments, it may be difficult to fully appreciate this art.

There are three main performers on the stage: a female singer playing her “phach” (small wooden sticks beaten on a small bamboo platform to serve as percussion), a man playing “dan day” (a long-necked, 3-string lute) and a spectator who plays “trong chau” (praise drum).

Famous ca tru singing songs: Ha��ng ha��ng tuya??t tuya??t, Khen ai khA�o va??, A?A?m chia la��a, Ta�? bA� hA�nh, H?�??ng S??n phong ca??nh, Ta�� tA�nh, Ga?�p xuA?n…