Hobbies of Hanoia��s old people


Walking, riding bicycle, singing, chanting poems or playing chess are among the hobbies of old people in Hanoi.

Old people walk on the pavement of Hoang Quoc Viet road at nearly 6am.


They take a rest after walking for one hour around Nghia Do Lake. “We can see people at our age here to share our stories.
Moreover, we can breathe fresh air and improve our health, said Mr. Hanh, 83.

Mr. Trinh, 84, is reading the Tales of Kieu, a famous by great poet Nguyen Du, on the bank of Thien Quang Lake. Trinh said his largest pleasure is Nguyen Dua poem. He rides a bycicle from his home to Thien Quang Lake to see his friends every afternoon.

Ms. Vu Thi Chung, 88, spreads rice for sparrows under the foot of a bo tree on Tran Nhan Tong road at 3pm everyday. She has done this for nearly six years.Birds are our friends and I’m their best friend. I live alone so these birds are my pleasure,she said.

nguoi-ha-noiMr. Nguyen Van Hop, 70, enjoys himself with chess after a working day. He is a bicycle repairman. He only wishes to be healthy to not bother his wife and daughter.

Members of the Hanoi Veterants Cycling Club take a rest after pedaling for two hours around the West Lake. The club has around 40 members from 40 to over 80 years old.


Mr. Hoang Xuan Linh, 70, a retired university lecturer, spends two hours a day to play ball