Entertainment in Hanoi


Whether you are visiting Hanoi for a business meeting or for a holiday, entertainment will be an integral part of it and the capital city of Hanoi provides you with ample options to get the best of entertainment while your stay. Being the commercial center of the country, Hanoi is visited by a lot of people all throughout the year.

The city with its music clubs, theatres, cinemas, sports and tourist attractions forms a labyrinth of entertainment zones in which you will be delighted to get lost.

Music Club and Theatres in Hanoi

The city of Hanoi is dotted with a lot of small and large scale music Clubs and Theatres in Hanoi. The Music Clubs are the happening places in the city frequented by both the young and the old. Generally the clubs have the associated services of dining so one can definitely look forward to spend some good time here. The Music Clubs cater to the different choices of the public. Vietnamese song and dance performances are accompanied by performances from professional artists often invited by the Club.

The Theater is the most important form of entertainment in Hanoi and as such they are found in abundance. The ancient art form has been preserved in its native state with slight variations added in terms of modernity. The Water Puppet Theater enjoys importance in terms of popularity. The Thang Long Water Puppet Theater in Hanoi is engaged in performing renowned shows all over the world.

Cinemas in Hanoi

Options for movies in Hanoi are restricted but not totally unavailable. International movies are shown at only a handful of places, the best among which is the Fansland Cinema. The movies shown here are generally good, some of them even being nominated for Oscars.

Sports in Hanoi

The People in Hanoi are sport enthusiasts no doubt and very sportingly engage themselves in a lot of events like football, Frisbee matches and volleyball. The Ho Tay Lake Water Park has put up the best choices in sporting venues for professional athletes and sport lovers alike.