Inside a cinema in Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. Rich in culture and history, Hanoi offers a variety of music clubs, theatres and cinemas. Apart from visiting the major attractions of Hanoi, you can indulge in other things to do in Hanoi. With a prosperous economy, Hanoi has witnessed a burgeoning of shops, restaurants, nightclubs and cinemas. The various shops, restaurants, nightclubs and cinemas have also increased the options of tourists and natives to indulge in more sources of entertainment.

Inside a cinema in Hanoi

Restaurants and cafes offer exceptional services to guests. Evening movies at Lac Viet Cafe along with amusement as well as food make for an ultimate experience. The Water puppet theatre and several restaurants like Indochine, Van Xuan and Dinh Lang Restaurant play host to performances every night. Cinemas in Hanoi add to the urban cosmopolitanism of the city. Cinemas in Hanoi have enriched the entertainment scene in the city. Cinemas in Hanoi conjures up a mix of relaxation and luxury.

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Features of Various Cinemas in Hanoi:

  • The tiny screen of the Hanoi Cinematique is popular with expats and holds shows from all over the world nightly.
  • The government doesn’t charge money on showing foreign titles at the Hanoi Cinematique. The theater is classified as a club and an intrinsic part of the adjacent cafe.
  • Tickets are not bought. Only people with invitations are allowed to enter with an estimated donation of 50,000 VND ($3.35).
  • Hanoi Cinematique is the best platform where cinema lovers come together for an interface. The Hanoi Cinematique boasts of screening well made films. You can call 04/936-2648 and also check with the American Club for the show timings of special events and films.
  • Chairs offer cushioned comfort.
  • Various movie theatres like Alliance Francais Cinema, Fansland Cinema and New Age Cinema screen foreign movies. Read the local English papers or call 1080 for further information.
  • The Hanoi Opera House, the Central Cultural House, Green Ho Guom, the Terrace Bar in the Press Club and several five star hotels host performances by musicians, dancers and actors.
  • Alliance Francais screens French movies on most evenings between 6pm and 7pm from Tuesday to Sunday. The films provide insightful perspectives of French cinema.
  • The Cinemas provide a chance to locals and foreign tourists to catch up on well made and thought provoking movies.