Thinking of cafA� in Hanoi old streets


No need an elaborately decorated front, no need many expensive table and chair, people often come to coffee shops in old streets to look back the old days…

1. Giang cafA�, No 7, Hang Gai street
Since 1946, Giang was famous for egg coffee and it became one of Hanoia��s specialties. In Hanoi, there are many other shops imitating the recipe of that shop, however, Giang was always the most delicious egg coffee in capital.

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The cleverness of Mr Giang was in the amount of suitable and enough egg cream and coffee in a cup which making deep impression on peoplea��s mind.

In the past, Giang coffee shop was on the beginning of Hang Gai, between Hang Gai and Hang Ngang, Hang Dao. At present, that place have divided into 2 parts. One is in No 39 Nguyen Huu Huan Str, and the other is in No 106 Yen Phu Str.

2. Nhan cafA�, No 39 Hang Hanh street
Appearing the first time since 1946 approximately, from the war period, Nhan cafA� in Cau Go Street was a place for our soldiers to exchange the information. Mr Nhan had his own way to make coffee bringing it the special deliciousness.

Recently, one of his children possess their own coffee shops that why people can see a lot of Nhan cafA� in Hanoi. However, most of coffee addicts appreciate the one in Hang Hanh street.

3. Lam cafA�, No 60 Nguyen Huu Huan Street
Lam cafA� was also known as picture cafA�. In the past, the artists often came here and donated their workings to the shopper. Bui Xuan Phai was one of them.

Mr Lam often cracked a joke that: a�?the artists brought their pictures here instead of paying for coffee because they drank a lot of coffee. Whatever it was a joke a not, those pictures stayed there in beautiful places in the shop.

Recently, Lam cafA� has opened one more shop in the same street and the style of shop is almost stayed.
Now, Lam cafA� is still like itself in the past, except for changing prices according to the market.
4. Nang cafA�, No 6 Hang Bac Street
Existing in Hanoi for 50 years, Nang cafA� lets people think about a strong coffee making drinkers dazed. It is that daze that many people becomes the coffee addicts.

The shop is located on a bustling street making people uncomfortable when they cannot find out a place to park their vehicles, but the shop is always crowded whenever it is in the morning, at noon or at late night.
From the beginning, Nang has only one place in Hang Bac, but now, there are several Nang CafA� in Hanoi which is larger, more spacious and beautiful.
There are some more famous coffee shops in old streets that people living in Hanoi cannot forget such as Dinh cafA�, No 13 Dinh Tien Hoang Str; Tho cafA�, No 117 Trieu Viet Vuong Str or Mai cafA�, No 79 Le Van Huu Str. If you are a lover a Hanoi, just try it on and you certainly have a whole picture about Hanoi.

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