Hanoi Food Specialties

Hanoi Food Specialties
Hanoi Food Specialties

For those who are interested in Hanoi culture, food and drink is one part they hardly can skip. With thousand years long of history, Hanoi has unique dishes which have contributed to the diversification of Hanoi culture. The list below is a brief summary of the most famous dishes.

I. Nem
Nem Phung: 30 Hang Bun St,
Nem Tai: Hang Thung St.
Nem Chua Nuong: Hang Bo – Hang Bac St. (only in night, up 19h)
Nom Hoa Chuoi: Nguyen Luong Bang St. ( papaya with banana flower)
Nom Bo Kho: 25-27 Hoan Kiem lake, Ham Long St.-only in afternoon (papaya with fried beef or bird and special sauce)
Banh Gio: Luong Dinh Cua St or Hang Giay St
Banh Troi Tau: 30 Hang Giay St.
Banh Goi and Banh Ran: 52 Ly Quoc Su St,
Banh Duc: 8 Le Ngoc Han St, (only in afternoon)
Banh Cay: ngo Dinh Liet.

Hanoi Food Specialties
Hanoi Food Specialties

II. Slug
Ong Gia eating house: 31 To Ngoc Van St.
Phuong Nguyen eating house: To Ngoc Van St
Duc Muoi eating house: Lieu Giai.
Oc luoc la chanh: 1 Dinh Liet St(boiled slug with lemon leaf)
Oc Xao: De La Thanh St (snail fried)

III. Che
Che Hue: 10 Ta Hien,
Che Thap Cam: 72 Tran Hung Dao St, or 80 Hang Dieu St, (very good)
Che Thai: Market corner Ho Dac Di St, very good.
Che chuoi: the end of street Nguyen Binh Khiem (only in afternoon).

IV. Pho, Mi (noodle), Mien (glass noodle), Chao (special rice), Bun
Pho Bat Dan: 49 Bat Dan St, pay in advance, (noodle soup with beef )
Pho Ly Quoc Su: 2 Ly Quoc Su St or Lo Duc St, pay in advance, (noodle soup with beef ) – very good
Pho Ly Sang: 2 Hang Ga St, (noodle soup with beef )
Pho Nam Dinh: the end of Doi Can St or Cau Giay St (noodle soup with beef )
Pho Ga: 34 Le Van Huu, (noodle soup with chicken )
Pho Xao: near Pho Bat Dan (fried noodle)
Mi Van Than: Dinh Ngang St,
Banh Da Cua: conflux of Dang Tat – Quan Thanh St. (noodles with crab)
Banh Cuon: Hang Ga St or 17 Cha Ca St, or 11 Tong Duy Tan St (steamed rolls made of rice-flour)
Bun Oc: 73A Mai Hac De St, ( noodles with slug)
Bun Cha: 1 Hang Manh St, (noodles and grilled meat) or 80 Nguyen Khuyen St
Bun Ngan: 73 Hai Ba Trung St,
Bun Bo: 67 Hang Dieu St, (vermicelli and beef)
Bun Bo Hue: Hang Ga St (beef noodle soup of Hue)
Bun Thang: 29 Hang Hanh, or Le Van Huu St, or Cau Go St (noodles in chicken broth)
Bun Dau: Lo Su St, (noodles and soya curd)
Bun rieu cua: the end of Phan Boi Chau St (noodles in crab chowder)
Bun ca: 5 Nguyen Truong To St, or Han Thuyen St, or Luong Van Can St (noodles and fish )
Mien luon: Hang Dieu St or the end of Yen Ninh St or opposite of Hang Da Market (glass noodle with eel cassava vermicelli)
Mien Cua: Hang Dieu St. (glass noodles with crab)
Chao trai: 26 Tran Xuan Soan, (special rice gruel with mussel )
Chao Ga: 45 Ly Quoc Su St., sell only in night (special rice with chicken)
Chao Long-Tiet Canh: 7 Le Duan, beside railway, very good. (special rice with inner organ of pig)
Chao tim gan: 39 Tran Nhan Tong St,

V. Com( Cooked Rice)
Com, Pho: 292 Le Van Huu St, ( cooked rice and noodles ).
Bi Do: 105 K1 Giang Vo St, good, opposite Hot-Rock Cafe.
Com rang thap cam: Cam chi St, or crossroads of Nguyen Thai Hoc St -Van Mieu (fried rice)

Hanoi Food Specialties
Hanoi Food Specialties

VI. Other
Grub foods: ngo Tam Thuong,
Luoi lon: Nguyen Khuyen St, (tongue of pick).
Vo bo: Hoa Ma St, near the conflux of Hue St.
Ga tan: Cay Si Restaurant, Tong Duy Tan St (chicken simmered with lotus seed).
Fried Chicken Legs: conflux of Trinh Hoai Duc-Nguyen Thai Hoc St.
Ngau pin: Ma May St (penis of beef)
Xoi pate: Cam Chi St (steamed glutinous rice)
Hu tiu: Hue St – opposite Hom Market (Noodle with seasoned and saute beef)
Chi Ma Phu, Luc Tao Xa, Banh Troi Tau: Hang Giay St (marble dumplings made of white rice flour, with rock sugar fillings)
Thit Cho: Hang Luoc St, Nhat Tan St, Am Phu Market (dog meat)
Fried Squid: Hang Bo St (only in night)

VII. Cafe, tea, ice cream
Danh Tra 55: Phan Chu Trinh, romantic plate (Dilmah-lipton)
Dilmah-Lipton: many in Dien Bien Phu St
Bao Oanh: the first house of Thanh Nien St,.
City View: near Hoan Kiem lake
Green Ho Guom: 32 Le Thai To St
Fantasy: 52 Ton Duc Thang St
Ice Trang Tien: the crossroad of Trang Tien – Ngo Quyen St, opposite Cong Nhan theater, famous
Fried Ice: Bao Ngoc House – 98 Hai Ba Trung St, or Giang Vo St
Kem Xoi: Hai Ba Trung St (Ice with rice)
Sinh To: Nguyen Truong To St ( vitamin juice from fresh fruits)