Hang Duong dried apricot


As a feature, whoever has gone to Hanoi often brings with them some kinds of Hang Duong dried apricots to give friends and relatives. They seem to send a little Hanoi spring sunshine to their home to keep the beloved capital in mind forever.

Arriving in Hanoi, especially in the spring, people always make use of finding a branch of Nhat Tan peach to decorate their houses in Tet holiday. In the fairy busy, people also find out the pleasure of taking a stroll around some markets, especially in Hang Duong, Hang Buom, Ngo Gach, Hue Street, etc to select some kinds of delicious apricots to welcome guests in Tet holiday. One of the most famous and prestige apricot shops is Hong Lam shop (No 11 Hang Duong Street) or Gia Loi shop (No 8 Hang Duong Street).

These shops include all the popular dried fruit apricots such as salted or sugared dried apricot, chilly apricot, liquorices apricot, etc.

Apricot is one of dried jam or people often call them Xi Muoi. The main ingredients to make those apricots are feature fruits such as apricot-tree, plum-tree, tamarind-tree, peach, dracontomelum, kumquat, jack-tree, etc. However, every shop has their own original traditional secrets to make the typical colors and favors. It is quite complicated to make delicious and attractive products, the makers must be very careful and precise. First of all, they have to choose the fresh and not bruised fruits, and then the fruits will be washed carefully, scented to mix with to embalm with salt, dry in the sun, and lastly steam them.

The next phase is to soak and process the last products. From the same fruits, but the makers can produce various kinds of attractive favors to serve people. It may be very chilly, sour, sweet or mixed making people unforgettable. Sometimes, it is these simple things that become precious memories and that why people often call the age of innocence O mai age.

Tourists can find out this specialty in some certain streets in Hanoi such as Hang Duong Street in the normal day. Beside of Sword Lake, Hanoi Temple of Literature, Quan Thanh Temple, etc, tourists coming to Hanoi may discover the life, habits, elegant pleasure of Hanoians, and coming back home with unforgettable sour and sweet apricots to love Hanoi more and more.