5 interesting facts about Hanoi


Hanoi is the capital as well as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam. If you would like to learn more about Hanoi, here are some exciting facts about this city.

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Hanoi is special by the ordinary Hanoi people, in their civilized manners, the quintessence of true Hanoians. Upon arriving here, the capital always has people who are willing to help and guide the tourists visiting here without receiving anything. Hanoi not only has “city” culture but also “village” culture from generations to generations which are converged into the cultural characteristics imbued with humans of Hanoi.

Hanoi people (via Rose Studio)

Capital Culture

With over 1000 years of civilization, since the time of Thang Long citadel until now, Hanoi has always been the largest cultural center of the country with tangible and intangible cultural relics. This land created the folk culture with many legends, folk songs, proverbs, the heroes, celebrities praised and folk festivals bearing features of history with profound impacts on the morale of the people.

What makes Hanoi particular is the convergence of the four directions which bring different cultures, making the culture of this place become diverse and nowhere in Vietnam has many cultural villages like in Hanoi. The villages, along with Buddhism, folk, and French architecture are scattered throughout the city which makes tourists extremely amused towards cultural values existed in a busy city like Hanoi.

Hanoi Culture (via hanoifreecitytours.com)

Bustling life

As the capital of a country, it’s no wonder when the pace of life in Hanoi is so bustling. Every morning, a huge number of people go to work and go to school making the roads bustling up, the flows of people and vehicles queuing up are the typical image on rush hours. However, after a day of work, Hanoi returns to the true nature of an ancient, quaint and peaceful town, therefore, people often say that Hanoi is the most beautiful at night.

The traditions of thousands of years of culture

Hanoi traditions always emerge from the smallest things, from how to say “sorry”, “thank you” to the ways inviting, greeting relatives and strangers. All of them were united in the family about education, teaching children how to behave in a good manner.

The traditions are also reflected in the villages, streets making and selling unique products such as Bat Trang, Ngoc Ha flower village, Hang Ma, Hang Bac … as well as expressed through the rich culinary diversity from luxurious to affordable dishes which are fully qualified to become one of the world’s most culinary paradise world.

Van Phuc Silk Village (via Tr?�a�?ng THCS Va??n Phúc)

Cross over the road

Road traffic in Hanoi is “crazy” but it’s organized chaos, and in one way or another, pedestrians still find a way to go through the road. Indeed, once you leave the pavement, place the first step down the roadway, you have no way back. You can only continue to step and hope the motorcycle will bypass instead of hitting at you. Crossing the roads in Hanoi is unlike anywhere in the world.

Understanding more about the culture of Hanoi will certainly be good so that you can travel around Hanoi easily and more enjoyable.

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