Dong Ho painting

Đồng Hồ painting
Đồng Hồ painting

Đông Hồ Painting (Vietnamese woodblock prints) is the most famous traditional Vietnamese folk art which has hundreds-year of history. It reflects the people’s dreams in peace, prosperity and happiness.

dho-3Coconut catching (hứng dừa) – Photo: google

The specialty of Đông Hồ painting is how people make it with completely natural materials such as half-baked bricks, tree leaves, ground coal, roots, resin and so on. Moreover, the papers used are “giấy điệp” which is the mixture of sea shell powder and sticky liquid. After printing, they brush the rear surfaces, so that the ink on the moulds can stick into the papers. When the paintings are complete, they dry them in the sun.

DSVHPVTQG_Tranh dan gian Dong HoĐông Hồ printing process – Photo: google

Buffalo fighting (chọi trâu), pig family (lợn đàn), swinging (đánh đu), rat’s wedding (đám cưới chuột), coconut catching (hứng dừa) are some famous Đông Hồ paintings. You could find these famous paintings in the most of the souvenir shops, however visit the village that specializes in making these paintings in Đông Hồ village,  Thuận Thành district, Bắc Ninh province is a chance to discover more about traditional Vietnamese culture. It is around 40 km far from Hanoi center that Silk Path Hotel Hanoi and Silk Path Boutique Hanoi are located in.