Hanoi Overview

Braised fish in Clay Pot (Cá kho tộ)

Braised fish is a traditional food in a clay pot – a quintessential bite of Vietnamese food. Its exotic flavor and fragrances will surely make you mouth-watering.
Xong Dat - a cherished Tet tradition

Passing down through generations and continue with equal enthusiasm today, "Xong dat" (first footing), a Tet tradition in Vietnam, has always been associated with hopes for a fruitful year ahead.
Vietnamese Donut: Banh Ran

Banh ran is a delicious finger food for breakfast in Vietnam. There are two main kinds of banh ran, namely salty cake and sweet one with the latter being much more common than the former.
Ao dai – Vietnamese Traditional Dress

Ao Dai or Long Dress is considered as a “national spirit” of Vietnam and becomes a symbol of Vietnamese people.
Bun Dau Mam Tom

Not a luxurious or sophisticated dish, Bun Đau Mam Tom still is premier Hanoi street food which many visitors love to eat.
Mứt Tết

One of the popular Tet food have to mention is "Mứt". There are various kinds of Mứt such as Mứt Dừa (Candied Coconut Ribbons), Mứt Quất (kumquat jam), Mứt Me (Candied Tamarind) and so on.
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