Hanoi Overview

Street lemon tea – a new hobby of Hanoians

Wandering along streets of Hanoi during the daytime or at night, especially in summer or even during winter, you often see groups of people staying in roadside shops to enjoy cups of lemon tea and chatting with friends.

Typical food you should try of Hanoi’s autumn

Hanoi is well-known for not only beautiful landscapes and unique works but also diverse cuisine. The journey taste autumn in Hanoi will give tourists the chance to taste the delicious and wonderful dishes of Hanoi cuisine.

Best noodle soups tourists must try in Hanoi (Part 2)

Your trip in Hanoi won't be completed without tasting delicious noodle soup (Pha�Y). Here are the next noodle soups you should try in the Vietnam's capital city.

Best noodle soups tourists must try in Hanoi (Part 1)

Noodle soup is one of popular choices for breakfast in Hanoi. If you have chance to visit Hanoi, do not miss to taste the top 10 most mouthwatering and well-known noodle soups below:

4 fast facts about Hanoi summer

Here are the 4 facts about Hanoia��s summer that you should know before you come to Hanoi.

5 interesting facts about Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital as well as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam. If you would like to learn more about Hanoi, here are some exciting facts about this city.

Places to go

tourism in vietnam has developed increasingly recently thank to attractive destinations Vietnam possesses and the increasing demand of domestic and foreign tourists as well as the stimulation of Vietnam travel organization . This website provides not only useful information of charming places but amazing tours discovering Vietnam as well such as Mekong River Cruise, Halong bay tours, Hanoi street foods tour, ect.

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